Loving yourself & Taking Care of yourself is so Important ❤️

I wanted to remind you to please put yourself first we are so busy being Mums, Partners, Daughters etc and we sometimes forget we are so Important!!! No more putting yourselves last!!
I have had some really big stressful years and I had signs that my health wasn’t good but I didn’t have time for ME !!
My mum found a lump in her Breast when her Mum (My Nan) was dying turned out to be Breast Cancer in 2005 (she had it in the other Breast in 2009 lost both breasts & died of Bowel Cancer 4/7/19) and in a strange coincidence the Pap smear which I’d also put off when my Mum was dying turned out to be cervical cancer ~ I know not fair right!! Cancer and Gyno issues to run in my family sadly .
I don’t think you can ever say it won’t happen to Me!! Because I can tell you it does and yes it’s completely not fair!
Cancer doesn’t discriminate and doesn’t care if you are a kind person in fact from my observation the nice people get it maybe because they are busy caring for other people!!
Cancer doesn’t care you have other things in your life that are more important like going through a DV relationship/Divorce/Lost your Job or you’ve got loved ones who need you more!
Just promise me if something doesn’t feel right or you have a weird pain get it checked!! Sooner rather than later!! Speak up for yourself ~ you are living in your body, you need to tell the doctor if you think something is wrong they don’t have X-ray vision!!
Don’t put off your Pap smear or mammogram because it can save your life!!
Loving yourself & Taking Care of yourself is so Important ❤️ ~ Yvette