About Harmony and Grace

Harmony and Grace was born during Covid 2020 with a passion for Clothes and a dream to inspire and reach out to women in a positive way! I wanted to create a site we’re women feel good about themselves and remind them we are all unique but the same in many ways! You won’t see faces on our models because too often we compare ourselves and beat ourselves up because we see ‘made up faces’ and wish we all looked that good! We don’t see the model spending hours in a make up & hairdressers chair to look that good! It’s time to get honest and celebrate all body types! H & G will try and keep as many different sizes because we want every women to feel & look good! We have included helpful advice on ‘Colours that suit me Best’ & ‘Buying Clothes to suit my Body type’ we are sure you will find these pages useful. H & G will also be stocking Headwear for those Beautiful Women who are going through Chemo or battling a condition were they loose there hair it’s really important to us that you feel good about yourselves while going through ‘life’s challenges’. We are open to suggestions so please let us know if you would like us to stock something or how we can improve to make your Experience better! 

Thankyou for stopping by Harmony & Grace 

with Gratitude 

Yvette x ( founder)